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Shayaan Faruqi

Tech nerd, gamer, father and husband

Hey there! I’m Shayaan Faruqi, but as over the years people have botched the pronunciation of my name, feel free to call me ‘Shy’! I’m an active competitive gamer (though I was a lot better in my college days!), a father of three boys and I’ve been married for 10 years.

However, this is my online resume and blog — but that whole “blogging” thing I’ve not really taken too seriously!

I’ve climbed the ladder of the corporate world from doing plain old helpdesk work, to systems engineering, to architecture and now as a technology executive leading large sized programs (mostly cloud!). I encourage you to take a peek here and at my LinkedIn, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting!

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Executive Director

    Focus on Digital Transformation -- including cloud, automation, and most importantly -- culture change.

    Director, Cloud Platforms

      Member of senior technology leadership team under umbrella of the CTO, and product manager of KPMG US Cloud program, covering 40,000 US users, covering Azure, AWS, & Google Cloud Platform.

      Director, Cloud Solutions Architect

        Cloud solutions architect aligned to large scale financial services customers. Customer responsibility for Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), NASDAQ, and Morgan Stanley.

        Director, Cloud Strategy & Engineering

          Asked to join Moody’s Analytics (From Moody’s IT) to support the cloud platform I helped build – help to “take them to the cloud!” Managed a small team of 4 great engineers, and 18 more offshore in our Shenzhen, China facility.

          Vice President - Cloud & Disruptive Technologies

            Product manager for Moody’s $2M public cloud program, covering both AWS and Azure. Worked to change the “hearts and minds” of a traditional IT team.

            Cloud & Infrastructure Architect

              Started running global infrastructure project management, and promoted two times within three years into the architecture team and the start of the S&P Cloud Program.

              Team Lead - Windows Engineering

                Responsible for two systems engineers and four helpdesk personnel, project engineering, as well as support structure for enterprise of 2000+ users and six geographic locations within the US.


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